Janis Crary

Janis Crary-CPDT-KA-represents the Avilla and Fort Wayne areas.    Her current dog is
Harmony.    Harmony sadly was a case of severe abuse and is also Janis’s teacher by
allowing her to witness the change in Harmony and telling others the process used in
achieving those changes of behavior.
Jan began her training career in 2006 with Ava who took her to her first positive
training class. The trainers saw something she did not know about herself and asked if
she wanted to mentor as a trainer. The answer was yes and was certified through
CPDT-KA in 2014, Fear Free Certified in 2018 and began a small training business called
All About The Dog. She also wanted to continue to give what was given to her by
mentoring others. Three of these individuals are now certified trainers. One of the
biggest thank you was from Peaceabull Paws who is keeping All About The Dog in their
business name.
Since 2014 there have been many seminars and webinars taken to continue her
knowledge to help dogs and their handlers. With Harmony coming into her life, All
About The Dog has taken on an even deeper meaning since Harmony led her into
learning more about trauma in dogs and the emotional effect those traumas, small and
large, can have on a dog. Giving dogs and puppy more agency or choice in their lives to
help them learn their world is safe has become a priority for her. May we all live in
Harmony with one another.

Email Janis Crary at janis@allaboutthedog.us or call 260 433 2212