Puppy Class

We are pleased to offer two class options for puppies 2-5 months old. Classes are for 4 weeks and are held on either Wednesday or Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm on the north side of Fort Wayne.

We are currently scheduling for June classes and our class rosters are filling up quickly.

In each session you and your puppy will learn the basic cues of sit, hand target (touch), watch me, leave it, down, stay, go to mat, and the basics of loose leash walking. We will also cover socialization, body language, motivation, enrichment, potty training, and more! The address will be sent with your class registration confirmation.

For week one of class we will provide a bag of high value treats to use and will ask that you bring the same or similar for the following weeks. If you forget, an additional bag can be purchased for $5. We highly recommend you come to class with a small non-slip rug like a bath mat or similar or a small piece of a yoga-type mat and a treat pouch for ease of use (we do also have these for sale, if needed for $15).

All puppies must be on a non-retractable leash.

Please email me at peaceabullpaws@gmail.com for a registration form or click this link to navigate to the form on your own. I will email a confirmation to you within 24 hours.